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Carson Logistics (HK) Ltd. was founded in 1993 with specialization in transportation between China and HK, storage, loading and unloading, bulk cargo, re-packing and delivery to store, send and take goods from airport, customs declaration & clearance, and air shipment etc. ...详情>>


 1. China- Hong Kong Cargo; 2.China- Hong Kong Express;3. Logistics warehousing services;4.HK re-export trade and logistics support;5. Import and Export Agents ...详情>>

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2021-04-12 10:15:50
Logistics News
Operational Processes

I. VMI hosted projects

1 love scene
A required 5 plant supplier factories around the rent in their respective supply warehouse management material. 5 vendors rent their own warehouses, sent officers to manage inventory.
2 Results
5 vendors fighting each other, resulting in overall warehouse rental, inventory management, high cost.
3 Solutions
VMI ---- hosted by the Charles Schwab Corporation unified agent 5 suppliers around the factory A lease a large warehouse, the inventory of each supplier to implement partition management. Thus saving the cost of various suppliers.

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Our Mission
  Adhering to the "Toyota Lean" concept, fully, fully tap the customer needs, the use of their advantages of resources to provide customers with integrated total logistics solutions. Sought to stop the supply chain not only in theory, but the implementation of all aspects of the logistics for our customers to gain time, while reducing costs.

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